Sky Chopper / Gyro Helicopter Kite

The Sky Chopper is an updated version of the Gyro Kite flying toy. It has been redesigned to fly in lighter winds. The rotors on Sky Chopper spin with the force of the wind, creating lift which keeps the copter flying. The copter stands about 11 inches high and has about 19 inch in diameter rotors. The unit includes kite string and instructions. We imagine that the Sky Chopper would also fly really well behind a boat or personal water craft. If you are into unique flying machines, this one would make a great addition to your collection. Comes in assorted colors. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SKY CHOPPER DOES NOT COME IN THE BLISTER PACK AS SHOWN. WE ELIMINATED THE PACKAGING WHICH GETS THROWN AWAY ANYWAY AND NOW THE UNIT COMES POLY-BAGGED. THIS SAVINGS OF MATERIAL HAS BEEN PASSED ON TO YOU AS THE COST HAS BEEN REDUCED $2.00 (FROM 14.95 TO 12.95).

Availability: Usually ships the same business day